Oct 6, 2021

Review: Chipotle - Chicken Quesadilla

Chipotle's Chicken Quesadilla features a flour tortilla folded and grill-pressed over Monterey Jack cheese and chicken.

I paid $8.70 for the Chicken Quesadilla and it comes with up to 3 sides of your choice (I ended up getting just 2 though [black beans and corn salsa] because I forgot I could get a third...).

Rather than the half-moon fold that is typical of quesadillas, Chipotle went with a square fold that reminded me of when Taco Bell offered the Tortada once upon a time but with a more substantially crispy layer on the surface. The result of the square fold is a smaller but thicker quesadilla with more cheese but also overlapping layers of flour tortilla. Basically, you get fewer bites but they're more substantial bites.

The Monterey Jack was thoroughly melted into a gooey ooze and there was enough chicken for most bites. The chicken was seasoned but not enough to make up for the lack of flavor of the tortilla and cheese and made for a pretty plain quesadilla. Unfortunately, my side choices didn't work out so well as neither had that bite of acidity to balance out the salty, savory aspect of quesadilla. I did however find out that Chipotle's black beans are much tastier by themselves than in a burrito or bowl. They're pretty spicy with a tasty savory flavor. I would eat happily eat a cup of them.

Overall, Chipotle Chicken Quesadilla was just okay for me. It's nice in terms of texture and the amount of cheese and chicken but I'm not a fan of the square fold as it gave it more of a melt sandwich feel when I wanted a quesadilla. If I got it again, I would definitely get their red or green sauce as my third side to liven it up.

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