Oct 15, 2021

A Look at Krispy Kreme's 2021 Halloween Donuts

Each year, Krispy Kreme trots out a number of Halloween-themed donuts and 2021 is no different. This year sees four Halloween donuts from Krispy Kreme: the Abra Cat Dabra Donut, Enchanted Cauldron Donut, Bewitched Broomstick Donut, and Spooky Sprinkle Donut. Three of which embody a witch theme.

The Halloween Dozen comes in a special themed "Spellbook" box and goes for $16.99 in my area, but I received these courtesy of Krispy Kreme.

There's not much in the way of new flavors in this year's batch of Halloween donuts but they're pretty nice to look at.

The Abra Cat Dabra Donut take the chain's normal Chocolate Iced Glazed Donut and gives you some extra crunch and sweetness from the sanding sugar and fondant eyes.

The Enchanted Cauldron Donut gives you a regular Glazed Chocolate Cake donut, which is actually not too sweet on it's own and has a fairly deep chocolaty flavor, and adds on lots of whipped cream-like Kreme. The plain Kreme isn't super sweet but it adds up. It's also a lot of food coloring so you might want to check your teeth and tongue after eating (and your clothes and skin if you're a messy eater). The pretzel "broomstick" was, unfortunately, very stale.

The Bewitched Broomstick Donut is a shell donut filled with Kreme, dipped in purple icing, decorated with a orange-colored icing swirl and gold stars, and finished with a "broomstick" with green buttercream "bristles" and a pretzel stick "handle." Basically, it's a Kreme-filled donut with extra icing and, for me at least, a slight crunch from a stale pretzel stick.

The Spooky Sprinkle Donut is the plainest of the bunch as it's a regular sprinkle donut but in different colors for Halloween and only half the sprinkles.

The box is a nice touch. The design is oriented vertically so that it opens like a book and has a window to see the donuts inside.

Out of the four donuts, my favorite in terms of both looks and taste is the Enchanted Cauldron Donut. Just mind the food coloring.

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