Apr 26, 2022

Carvel Adds New Strawberry Crunchies

Carvel adds new Strawberry Crunchies to join their classic Chocolate and Vanilla Crunchies flavors. You can get the Strawberries Crunchies on their own or mix all three varieties together for a Neapolitan effect.

The menu items featuring Carvel's new Strawberry Crunchies include:

- Crunchies To-Go - Crunchies coated with a strawberry Bonnet shell.

- Strawberry Dasher - Layers of vanilla soft ice cream, Strawberry Crunchies, and strawberries, topped with whipped cream.

- Flying Saucers Rolled in Crunchies - Flying Saucer crackers sandwiching a layer of vanilla soft ice cream, rolled in Strawberry Crunchies.

- Strawberry Crunchies Cake - A Crunchies cake featuring a layer of Strawberry Crunchies, sandwiched between layers of vanilla ice cream, covered in extra Strawberry Crunchies on the side.

- Vanilla soft ice cream in a cake cone or cup, rolled in Strawberry Crunchies.

Strawberry is the third new Crunchies flavor Carvel has introduced within the past year--they welcomed limited-time Churro Crunchies in summer 2021 and Cookie Butter Crunchies during the 2021 holiday season.

Photo via Carvel.

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