Apr 14, 2022

Review: Popeyes - Wildberry Beignets

Popeyes' Wildberry Beignets feature puffy, fried pastries with a mixed berry (strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries) filling and is covered with powdered sugar.

I paid $1.99 for an order of three beignets.

The Wildberry Beignets were a about a two-bite size with a tubular shape and came piping hot with a generous dusting of powdered sugar that mostly ended up in the bag.

The beignets were just lightly but evenly crisped at the crust with a moist, somewhat layered but fairly dense interior. I got a nice combination of moist, chewy dough with an almost paper-thin crispy crust. I'm used to beignets being a bit more puffier and airy though. I wonder if they don't fry them at a hot enough temperature.

The mixed berry filling was thickened liquid without any fruit bits that I could discern. Still, it had a refreshing tart flavor and a moderate amount of sweetness to go with the taste of berries.

Overall, Popeyes Wildberry Beignets are a favorite of mine among fast food desserts. They offer a contrast of textures in a warm, puffy treat as well as a refreshing flavor that isn't overly sweet. I think I like these better than when they sold the also-good chocolate version.

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