Apr 11, 2022

McDonald's Puts Out New Arrabiata Ricotta Chicken Sandwich in South Korea

McDonald's serves up the new Arrabiata Ricotta Chicken Burger over in South Korea as a limited-time, Italian-inspired fried chicken sandwich.

As the name suggests, the Arrabiata Ricotta Chicken Burger comes layered with a spicy arrabiata sauce (a spicy, tomato-based pasta sauce) as well as ricotta cheese. It also includes lettuce, mayo, onion, bacon, and a spicy, crispy-fried chicken filet on a toasted sesame seed burger bun (hence the "burger" in the name; a good deal of countries call such sandwiches, "burgers" regardless of the filling).

McDonald's actually put out a similar sandwich in South Korea back in 2016 but the new sandwich comes with the spicy arrabiata sauce.

Photo via McDonald's South Korea.

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