Apr 12, 2022

McDonald's Australia's New Chicken Deluxe Share Pack Includes Chicken McNuggets, Chicken McBites, and Chicken McPieces

McDonald's Australia offers boneless fried chicken three ways in the new Chicken Deluxe Share Pack, which includes a selection of Chicken McNuggets, Chicken McBites, and Chicken McPieces, plus new Spicy Sticky BBQ Sauce.

If you guessed that Chicken McPieces were some sort of tenders, they're not. Apparently, they're similar to Chicken McNuggets but are made with pieces of whole-meat chicken rather than formed ground meat. Additionally, they have a more breading-like crust rather than the tempura-style batter of Chicken McNuggets.

As for Chicken McBites, they're much like the small popcorn chicken that was offered for a limited time here in the US back in 2012 (they even did a Fish version the following year).

It's a bit of a headscratcher that they offer three very similar products but I wouldn't turn my nose up at the variety.

Photo via McDonald's Australia.

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