Apr 15, 2022

IHOP Adds New Splashers and Cold Brew Coffee to Drink Selection

Ahead of summer, IHOP adds new IHOP Splashers and Iced Cold Brew Coffee to their drink menu.

IHOP Splashers feature a mix of lemonade, lemon-lime soda, and flavored syrup, topped with fresh blueberries. They come in three varieties (corresponding to the different flavored syrup involved): the Wildberry Lemonade Splasher, Mango Lemonade Splasher, and Blue Raspberry Lemonade Splasher.

The chain's Iced Cold Brew Coffee features a "naturally sweet, never bitter" cold-brewed coffee made from Arabica coffee beans.

Prices vary but a 16-oz Iced Cold Brew Coffee goes for $3.59 near me, while a 30-oz Splasher is $4.29.

Photo via IHOP.

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