Jul 1, 2022

Auntie Anne's Pours Three New Dragonfruit Mango Beverages

Auntie Anne's celebrates the summer with the arrival of three new Dragonfruit Mango beverages: the Dragonfruit Mango Frost, Dragonfruit Mango Frozen Lemonade, and Dragonfruit Mango Lemonade Mixer.

The new Dragonfruit Mango Frost blends dragonfruit and mango puree with Auntie Anne's signature Original Frozen Lemonade and then pours it over a layer of whipped cream before topping the beverage with more whipped cream as well as pink sprinkles. 

The new Dragonfruit Mango Frozen Lemonade blends dragonfruit and mango puree with Auntie Anne's Original Frozen Lemonade.

The new Dragonfruit Mango Lemonade Mixer stirs dragonfruit and mango puree into Auntie Anne's Original Lemonade.

You can find the trio of new Dragonfruit Mango drinks at participating Auntie Anne's locations nationwide for a limited time through September 9, 2022, while supplies last.

Photo via Auntie Anne's.

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