Jul 2, 2022

KFC Gravy Burger Lands in New Zealand

The KFC Gravy Burger lands in New Zealand for a limited time and features a cupped hash brown to serve as a gravy bowl for the chain's gravy.

KFC's Gravy Burger first appeared in the UK (where it's now a seasonal staple) as a limited-time holiday item and features an Original Recipe or Zinger Fillet, a slice of cheese, a cupped hash brown, and Gravynaise served on a toasted sesame bun with a cup of gravy on the side (for you to pour onto the hash brown).

If you're wondering why a Christmas-themed sandwich is appearing in New Zealand, you might be surprised to know that have a sort of second Christmas--Christmas in July or Midwinter Christmas--since actual Christmas falls in the summer for them. It's in the spirit that KFC is offering the Gravy Burger.

Photo via KFC New Zealand.

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