Jul 6, 2022

KFC Offers Free "Finger Sporks" with Sides Lovers Meal Purchase Through July 12, 2022

KFC is giving away two free Finger Sporks with each purchase of a Sides Lovers Meal made through the KFC app or website at participating locations, while supplies.

Much like it sounds, a Finger Spork is a spork (spoon-fork) that you can wear on your finger (I suppose if you're wearing two of them you can get twice as much of a side at once). According to KFC, "Finger Sporks are the new ergonomic and gastronomic eating pieces of tableware-tech that will bring out the fun in family dinner."

The KFC Sides Lovers Meal includes eight pieces of Extra Crispy tenders or eight pieces of fried chicken (Original Recipe or Extra Crispy), four biscuits, and your choice of three large sides. Prices vary but it costs $29.99 near me in the Los Angeles area.

Photo via KFC.

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