Jul 13, 2023

El Pollo Loco Welcomes Two Double Chicken Chopped Salads

El Pollo Loco Street Corn Double Chicken Chopped Salad.
El Pollo Loco welcomes two varieties of Double Chicken Chopped Salads, Classic and the Street Corn, for a limited time this summer.

The Classic Double Chicken Chopped Salad includes a double serving of flame-grilled chicken served over avocado, pepitas, queso fresco, spinach, lettuce, super greens, and pico de gallo with creamy cilantro dressing.

The Street Corn Double Chicken Chopped Salad features a double serving of fire-grilled chicken served over avocado, corn, cilantro, queso fresco, lettuce, super greens, chili-lime seasoning, and pico de gallo with creamy cilantro dressing.  

El Pollo Loco also adds a new 8-Piece Summer Family Meal that consists of eight-pieces of flame-grilled, citrus-marinated chicken (leg and thigh pieces), three large sides of your choice, and warm tortillas.

Prices for the meal varies but it costs $24.00 near me, while the Double Chicken Chopped Salads go for $9.29.

Photo via El Pollo Loco.

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