Jul 26, 2023

Papa John's Replaces Chicken Poppers with "New" Boneless Wings

Papa John's Boneless Wings
Papa John's replaces Chicken Poppers with "new" Boneless Wings as their breaded boneless chicken option. Beyond the name change, it's not immediately clear how the new Boneless Wings are different from Chicken Poppers.

Like Chicken Poppers (which were introduced back in 2012 as a replacement for the chain's chicken strips), Papa John's Boneless Wings are lightly-breaded and oven-baked. What appears to be different is the seasoning of the chicken, which is described as having "hints of parmesan and pepper."

Boneless wings are available in 10-, 15-, and 30-piece orders and come in the same varieties as the chain's traditional wings: Unsauced, Garlic Parmesan, Hot Lemon, Buffalo, BBQ, and Honey Chipotle. They come with a choice of dipping sauce(s).

Prices vary but an order of 10 Boneless Wings costs $8.99 near me (versus the same price for 8 traditional wings).

Photo via Papa John's.

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