Jul 26, 2023

Review: Hard Mtn Dew Livewire

Can of Hard Mtn Dew Livewire.

Mountain Dew's Hard Mtn Dew Livewire features orange mixed with the Mtn Dew citrus flavor and contains 5% ABV, no caffeine, and no added sugars.

Hard Mtn Dew Livewire is not available in my state (California) but I received this 24-oz can courtesy of Mountain Dew.

There was a very pleasant orange aroma to the beverage, like a cross between freshly-squeezed orange juice and orange soda. The color was expectedly vibrant like a typical orange soda.

Cup of Hard Mtn Dew Livewire top-down view.

Hard Mtn Dew Livewire had an unexpectedly understated taste. Similar to how it smelled, Livewire tasted like a light orange soda mixed with some fresh oranges. I couldn't really taste the original Mtn Dew citrus flavor.

Livewire was only lightly sweetened, with judicious use of artificial sweetener that was only really apparent on the end note. There was a slightly bitter aftertaste from the combination of the orange flavoring, artificial sweetener, and alcohol, but it was thankfully mild and inoffensive.

Hard Mtn Dew Livewire in a cup - close-up.

Overall, Hard Mtn Dew Livewire was a pleasant surprise. I think the fresh orange flavor leant itself well to this alcoholic application, both because it masked the aftertaste of the artificial sweetener well and due to orange juice being such a common mixer for cocktails. It made for easy drinking.

By Renee.

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