Jul 31, 2023

Review: French's Mustard Skittles

French's Mustard Skittles packaging/pouch.

French's Mustard Skittles are yellow Skittles candies with the flavor of French's Mustard. They're not available at retail but they're giving them out at pop-up events in three cities as well as through a sweepstakes.

I received these courtesy of French's.

French's Mustard Skittles next to packaging.

Out of the bag, French's Mustard Skittles have a faint mustard-y aroma. They look more or less like Lemon Skittles, which means, if you're feeling mischievous, you can sneak these into a bag of regular Skittles for someone to discover later.

French's Mustard Skittles close-up.

They have the same elements as regular Skittles, including the chewy center, crispy shell, and sweet and tart fruity base. However, overlaying that base is the uncanny taste of mustard--horseradish-like and tangy with a spicy mustard kick that takes a moment to hit you. It's weirdly impressive and puzzling combination.

French's Mustard Skittles cross-section.

At the end of the day, I can't say that I enjoyed French's Mustard Skittles as I did not like them at all. They're definitely one of those crazy novelty flavors for people who really, really like mustard or are eating for a dare of some sort. Basically, you can eat these on a hot dog in place of both relish and mustard.

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