Jul 25, 2023

McDonald's Welcomes New Ice Cream Latte in South Korea

McDonald's South Korea's Ice Cream Latte.
McDonald's welcomes the new Ice Cream Latte as a limited-time, summertime McCafe beverage in South Korea.

The frosty beverage is simple enough: it's a latte topped with vanilla soft serve.

The Ice Cream Latte seems to have been somewhat inspired by a social media trend that started about two years ago where people would buy an iced coffee and a soft serve cone and then dip and mix the ice cream into the coffee. For whatever reason, people started calling it, "Korean iced coffee." The name may be related to a Korean convenience store trend where you can grab a pre-packed cup of ice, a packet of pre-brewed coffee, and a packaged soft serve cone (yes, they sell all three items in Korean convenience stores). You then pour the coffee into the ice and dip and mix the soft serve into your drink.

You could achieve the same result here in the US by buying an iced black coffee and a soft serve cone, drinking or pouring a bit of it to accommodate the extra volume, and then dip/stir your cone into the coffee.

Photo via McDonald's South Korea.

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