Jul 28, 2023

Subway Offers "Free Subs for Life" for Changing Your Name to "Subway"

Subway Deli Heroes subs
Subway will reward one lucky winner with "free subs for life" if they legally change their first name to "Subway". The winner will be chosen through a sweepstakes that runs from August 1 through August 4, 2023.

Since it takes a while to change your name, it looks like you have to commit to change your name to enter the sweepstakes and then, if you win, change your name to "Subway" before receiving your prize. You can find additional details regarding the promotion as well as how to enter online here.

What does "free subs for life" amount to? According to the sweepstakes, it's $50,000 worth of Subway gift cards (which is roughly enough for a Footlong a day for 5000 days or about 13 and a half years). The winner will also receive a check or prepaid card in the amount of $750 to reimburse for the cost of legally changing their first name to "Subway".

The promotion is meant to highlight the recently-introduced line of Deli Heroes subs to the Subway menu.

Last year, Subway held a similar promotion where a Subway superfan got a footlong tattoo of the Subway Series logo in exchange for "free Subway for life."

Photo via Subway.

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