Jan 19, 2010

Around the Web: The Best Fast Food in America and Top French Chefs Now Serving Fast Food

  • Esquire Magazine surveyed some of America's top chefs (including Thomas Keller and Alton Brown) to find out where they go when they feel the need for fast food.  The winner by far was unsurprisingly beloved California-based burger chain In-N-Out.

    Check out what other fast food joints made the cut as well as which restaurants they thought were the worst.

    Interestingly enough, Jack in the Box was picked as a favorite as well as a worst.

  • I thought this was pretty interesting: even fancy French chefs are turning to fast food due to the weak economy.  Pricey Michelin-rated restaurants are turning to express meals and sandwiches at (relatively) low prices to drum up business in the economic downturn.

    Check out the UK Telegraph story here.

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