Jan 22, 2010

Review: Ono Hawaiian BBQ - Chicken & Beef Combo

Ono Hawaiian BBQ is a Hawaiian BBQ chain, located in Arizona and California, that features mostly grilled i.e. barbecued meats as well as other Hawaiian specialties on the menu.  For about $7.50, the Chicken & Beef Combo Platter features lean, thinly-sliced BBQ beef and skinless, boneless chicken meat on a bed of steamed cabbage.

The platter also includes two scoops of steamed white rice and a scoop of macaroni salad.  All together, it's a lot of food for $7.50.

As you can see, you get a lot of meat; enough to cover all the cabbage.  The BBQ sauce used to marinate the meat is a bit sweet, a bit tart, and a bit salty, but none of it is overpowering.  The beef and chicken aren't incredibly moist or noticeably dry, falling somewhere in between.  Still, it's all quite good when you're in the mood for Hawaiian barbecue.

What I really like about the platter though, is the macaroni salad.  I'm not sure what it is but of all the macaroni salads I've had (which I'll admit isn't many), I like Ono's the best.  It's pretty simple as far as I can tell.  It has just the right amount of sweetness and tangy-ness (why isn't that a word?!).  Sometimes, I'm tempted to stop by to buy only the macaroni salad, but have so far refrained (my willpower is great, I know...).

The whole platter is enough for two, or maybe even three if you're particularly light eaters.  If there's no one around to share, I'll sometimes have it for lunch AND dinner.


  1. that looks so good right now.....

  2. this is the only thing I eat in the IE! next to Chick Fila of course!

  3. Do you freeze this one too?!

  4. Macaroni salad is just pasta, mayonnaise, a little bit of salt, and grated carrots. Really easy.

  5. It isn't just any macaroni salad... it's Hawaiian macaroni salad!


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