Jan 13, 2010

Review: McDonald's Mac Snack Wrap

McDonald's recently did a nationwide rollout of their Mac Snack Wrap.  The Mac Wrap is basically a quarter of a Big Mac wrapped in a flour tortilla.  It sells for $1.49.  As a disclaimer, I'm not a big fan of wraps.  Generally, the only things I want wrapped in a flour tortilla are burrito ingredients.

How does it taste?  It tastes like a Big Mac wrapped in a tortilla.  The proportions are all the same only smaller.  You get half a hamburger patty and half a slice of cheese and the normal Big Mac fixings of "secret" sauce, shredded lettuce, diced onions, and pickles.  If you like the Big Mac, you'll like the taste of the Mac Snack Wrap.  If you don't like the taste of a Big Mac, then it wouldn't make much sense to get a Mac Snack Wrap.

That being said I don't think I'd buy it again.  I'd rather just go all the way and get a Big Mac.  It's pretty much for people who want the Big Mac taste but not all the Big Mac calories.  Also at $1.49, it's not a great value compared to say $1.99 for a Big Carl.

is Caring


  1. it does not even look that good ><

  2. I don't want any piece of this. Going to skip the spike in stats and leave this one alone....and I like Big Macs. I can't find anyone that likes this, did McD do any market research here?

  3. Anon: personally I don't think any of the snack wraps look very good but the Mac Snack Wrap looks funkier still.

    Wouldibuyitagain: Haha, it really wasn't bad but again I'd rather have a Big Mac or a Big Carl. I guess they're trying to target the lighter eaters that like the snack wraps. I guess they figure the snack wraps did pretty well and are seeing how far they can stretch it.

  4. @Q: Good guess and you are probably right. I always think that the snack wraps could use tomato on the, but that would probably push them closer to $2.00. For $1.49 for the BM Snack Wrap, I would just get 1.5 McDoubles.

    btw, your blog rocks. I added you as a link...

  5. @would: Thanks! You're blog is pretty spiffy too! I'll know exactly where to eat if I ever find myself in Indiana!

    Haha! You are aware that you have fallen into the McDonald's marketing ploy and are measuring your dollars by McDoubles... O_o I think I'd rather just get two McDonald's hamburgers for roughly the same price myself.

  6. I personally liked it!

  7. @anon: I think you'd find yourself in the minority there but I'm sure other people like it as well. I believe if you follow McDonald's on Twitter they give out quite a few coupons for free Mac Wraps.

  8. It looks like a mess to me. some things are ok as a wrap but i don't think this is one of them. McDonalds in thier quest ot be everything to everybody is probably just trying to pander to the Latino crowd. keep it

  9. I LOVE THEM!!! So do alot of my friends and family!!!

  10. I was hesitant to try this because I'm not into wraps but I tried it on an impulse and it quickly became a habit for me for a month or two.  I usually love the taste of Big Macs but I feel the price of around $3.50 where I live isn't worth it, especially if it's not fresh, and it's pretty rare to get a fresh one.  I feel that something that small could be priced a little lower, would be a great addition to their dollar menu, but I was happy to get the taste of it without spending over 3 bucks. 

    I miss the half size big macs they sold on the dollar menu about 5-6 years ago, those sure didn't last long.  I don't think the mac snack wraps are sold here anymore, I stopped looking for them on the menu a couple of years ago, and have not seen any advertisement for them.

  11. It's a limited-time thing. They may bring it back now and again. If you liked the half-sized Macs, you can just order a cheeseburger and get it with mac sauce and lettuce. It should produced the same effect on the cheap.

  12. Samantha McClushSunday, October 20, 2013

    I usually like McWraps, but this one just didn't cut it for me... I can't believe how gross it was! And the 'special sauce' just tasted weird in contrast to the tortilla. Nothing about it tasted right, it was just a really bad mix-up for me. Why did they do this to the poor ol' BigMac? Lol

    Moral of the story; keep BigMac as BigMac.


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