Jan 26, 2010

Review: Burger King - Double Cheeseburger

Ah, the Burger King Double Cheeseburger, the burger that led Burger King franchisees to sue the company over concerns for their profit margins.  The cost of the food itself for the Double Cheeseburger averages out to about 55 cents.  Update: the Double Cheeseburger now retails for $1.19 and its $1-slot has been filled by the Buck Double.

Consider that rival McDonald's removed their smaller and less meaty double cheeseburger from their Extra Value Menu, in lieu of the McDouble (same sandwich but with only one slice of cheese instead of two), due, in part, to cost concerns, and BK franchisees may have some valid grievances.

As for the Burger King Double Cheeseburger itself, it represents a pretty good value.  It's very meaty and cheesy.  Beyond the meat and cheese, you get some ketchup, some mustard, and a slice of pickle or two sandwiched into a toasted sesame bun. You can only see one patty because the second one decided to turtle itself into the bottom half of the bun.

As for flavor, nothing overpowered the main feature which was the meat and cheese.  There was a nice bit of char flavor to my patties which I love.  The cheese wasn't completely melted but that's more aesthetics.  If you like meat and cheese and little else, this burger is an excellent value at $1 $1.19.

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Nutritional Info
Calories - 460 (from Fat - 243)
Fat - 27g (Saturated Fat - 13g)
Sodium - 990mg
Carbs - 28g (Sugar - 6g)
Protein - 27g


  1. It is not a bad deal, but I thought that they were bigger a few years ago? BK needs better fries and they would be back in the race.

  2. @wouldibuyitagain: I don't know. I'd be scared if they used to be bigger. the current one is a 1/4 pound of meat and 770 calories! I think the picture I took just makes it look smaller.

    As for fries, I think their battered fries are polarizing; people either really like them or really hate them.

  3. Hold the ketchup/mustard...ask for BBQ sauce and throw in some onion rings and you've got yourself a beefed up Quarter Pound Rodeo Cheeseburger. I just made myself extremely hungry.

  4. Oh, and hold the pickles too.

  5. @Ryan: Haha, that's true! They'll make if anyway you want it. I wonder if the upcharge for onion rings is more than if you just bought onion rings and stuff them inside...

  6. @ Q ... Not sure. I'd probably just go for the small order of rings and do the stacking myself. I've done it many times in my day.

  7. Burger King's fries are really the only reason I go -- the best fries on the East Coast fast food market (Mcdonalds, Wendys, Sonic, BK, Jack in the Box). As for the Double CB, I'm really not a fan. I'd much prefer the McDouble. BK's offering tasted too much like a plain cheeseburger, where the McDouble actually has flavors to it.

  8. @Cue: McDouble huh? Burger King is gonna go that way as well by April if I remember correctly. They'll be replacing the $1 Double Cheeseburger with a one slice of cheese less McDouble-like item. The $1 Double Cheeseburger will then be at least $1.19 at most locations if not more.

  9. it looks like there's only one patty on there.

  10. There's another one embedded in the bottom bun.

  11. Of the many buck-per-burger (or close to it) offerings (how long can those last?) the BK buck burger is among my favorites.

    Partially due to taste but also for the BIGNESS of it, around these parts, compared to other firm's offerings.


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