Jan 4, 2010

The Asia Trip: Subway Japan

Subway in Japan!  Okay I didn't actually eat here but couldn't help snapping some shots as I got out of the subway station at Omoto-Sando in Tokyo. They also have Subway in Taiwan but the ones there were very much like we have here in the States. Japan however was a little bit different...

They have specialized menu items meant for the local palate like the Soy Banana Latte shown above for 250 yen (roughly $2.75). They, unfortunately, do not have the Five Dollar Footlong specials they have here and a six-inch sandwich starts at about 290 yen for the veggie sandwich.

Some of the interesting fillings for the sandwiches included shrimp and avocado, eggs, and hot dogs! The Japanese seem to really like their hot dogs.  They have hot dogs baked into some of the rolls at their bakeries as well. That's about all I can say for Subway Japan since I didn't actually eat there.


  1. I always love traveling and looking at how the fast food companies change in other countries to suit the country's tastes. Unfortunately, when I do see other countries versions of fast food chains I wish the items overseas were available in the US.

    I'd think shrimp and avocado would be a great combo! Not sure about the soy banana latte but that's because I've never had soymilk with banana before or banana with coffee.

  2. i hope you tried the banana latte! you should totally write about that if so

  3. Eat: yeah I feel the same way... when I ate some of the stuff, a part of me thought: this is probably the last time ever I'll be able to try this even though it's everywhere here!

    Anon: I didn't =/ I don't like banana in my drinks unless it's the featured ingredient (like fried bananas with vanilla ice cream or banana pudding!) because it tends to masks the other flavors. I especially hate bananas in my smoothies.

  4. that is true, banana's flavor tends to overpower the other stuff


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