Jan 8, 2010

The Asia Trip: McDonald's Japan - Gateau Marron McFlurry

Along with the Shaka Shaka Chicken, I also tried a Gateau Marron McFlurry from the McDonald's in Kyoto.  My cousin and I also tried to buy a McChicken that was advertised in the window but being the idiots that we are, didn't look closely at the date of the promotion which had not yet begun.  In our defense, the date wasn't that prominent on the poster.  Add to the fact that the cashier didn't speak English and we didn't speak Japanese, and wild gesticulation occurred with little result.  Eventually, we realized there was a date on the poster and just pointed to pictures of what we wanted instead.

I like the Japanese McFlurry logo and cup design, it feels very retro-chic to me.

In case you ever wondered why the spoon for a McFlurry is hollow, it's because it attaches onto the McFlurry mixer and serves as the paddle that blends the soft serve with the Oreos, M&M's, etc.  From what I can tell, Gateau Marron is a type of chestnut cake.  The Gateau Marron McFlurry is soft-serve with bits of chestnut cake mixed in.

To be honest, it was pretty neutral in flavor. Then again, I don't remember chestnuts being that flavorful in the first place.  The bits of cake didn't have much flavor at all and were kind of dry.  I was pretty disappointed since pieces of cake in ice cream sound pretty good!  Ah well...


  1. how much was it?

  2. In Hungary, they have pieces of cake mixed into ice cream. Tiramisu types of cake. Freshly made. My cousin's friend bought us a little container. He just brought a plastic container from home and bought a bunch of single scoops of various flavors for us to try.

  3. Isn't that like Coldstone?


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