Jan 27, 2010

The Asia Trip: Mister Donut in Japan

I walked by a Mister Donut one morning in Kyoto and decided that I wanted a French crueller donut (read about my love of French cruellers here).  Mister Donut used to be a big donut chain in the U.S. back in the day but there are now only a scattered few here, across the Pacific however, it has become the largest donut chain in Japan and has expanded to several other East Asian and South East Asian countries including China and the Philippines.

For one donut, they gave me a pretty sturdy, decorative bag.  The Japanese really do like their packaging.  The donut which makes up the lion's mane is a mochi donut made of rice flour instead of wheat.  I was able to sample one later on in the trip and the texture was a little bit denser than a raised donut but more airy than a cake.  Still, I like the richer taste of a wheat flour donut.
As for the French crueller, the shape and form were spot on, but the taste was a little bit off.  I couldn't put my finger on it, but it didn't taste right.  Whether it was the texture or the flavor, it didn't taste like the French cruellers I know and love.  I guess it's more for Japanese tastes.


  1. mister donut is definitely more fitted towards a eastern style of taste imo. the donuts from mister donut doesnt taste as sugary and sweet compared to dunkin donuts (or other western desert that tends to be overloaded with sugar!)

  2. I LOVE mister donut! Specifically, I love the lion and all the other donut creatures. They have promotions where you collect donut points and exchange them for adorable merchandise. Unfortunately I was not able to consume the requisite 50 donuts for a lion toy :(

    I like the mochi donut! Very unique texture; like a mixture between mochi and a traditional donut. They have asian flavors like green tea too. wantz donut...

  3. P.S. We probably went to the same mister donut in kyoto. Was it the one in the train station?

  4. @WW: Haha, but how many donuts did you actually consume towards that goal before you stopped?

    P.S. Nope, not the one at train station. I went to one about a mile east of the Imperial Park near a place sold 280 yen bentos! I should have just bought one since we didn't pass that way going back.

  5. I went to the aforementioned Mister Donut at the Kyoto Station twice while visiting, both times had the french crueller. You mentioned that the flavor was off- my impression after my first bite is that the glaze must have had alot of honey (or honey flavoring) in it. I thought it was delicious- the best crueller I've ever had.


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