Jan 20, 2010

The Asia Trip: Blenz Coffee in Japan

When I first went to Blenz Coffee, I thought it was a Japanese coffee chain since I had never heard of it, but Blenz is originally from Canada.  Their trademarked slogan is "Never Burnt, Never Bitter."  I ordered myself a latte and got some nice latte art!

It's actually pretty hard to make latte art as experiments in my home have shown me.  There's a technique to steaming the milk and pouring it that I have yet to master.

But back to the coffee.  True to their slogan, Blenz Coffee was neither burnt nor bitter putting it a step above Starbucks.  While not the best latte I've ever had, it's still quite good.  The latte was 350 yen which is about average in Japan.  You could also make it a cake set (a coffee plus a slice of cake) and get 50 yen off the total price.  Not a screaming bargain, but better than no discount at all I suppose.


  1. i hope you got the set so you can blog about the cake as well!

  2. that lattte art is not cool.

  3. @anon1: I didn't my cousin's wife did but I don't think I took pictures of it. The cake wasn't particularly good.

    @anon2: The heart is easiest but it's better than no latte art!


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