Jan 23, 2010

News: White Castle Taking Reservations for Candlelit Valentine's Day Dinner

White Castle is offering the whole nine yards for Valentine's Day this year: tableside service, flowers and dinner by candlelight.  Dinner service ranges from 4pm to 10pm varying with participating restaurants.  You can get more details and a list of participating White Castles at their site here.  They're even selling "Love Castle" V-Day shirts and blankets.

I thought this was pretty interesting.  Might be funny for couples who don't take Valentine's Day too seriously or who love (or have fond couple-type memories at) White Castle.  I wonder if any of the White Castles get fully booked (update: apparently they book as fast as any other prime V-Day destination).  I'm just picturing a lot of guys with really pissed off girlfriends/wives as they drive up to White Castle on Valentine's Day.

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