Nov 8, 2010

News: McDonald's - Holiday Pie this Winter 2010!

Depending on your local McDonald's franchisee, your local McDonald's may or may not have Holiday Pie on the menu this holiday season starting on November 18th until December 31st.

So what is a McDonald's Holiday Pie? It is a custard-filled baked turnover with what appears to be a confetti cake crust covered with a sugary white icing. I wouldn't say it makes me think of Christmas or the holidays though; maybe a kid's birthday, but no, not the holidays.

If you're so inclined to try one, I suggest calling ahead first as not all McDonald's will stock them; it's up to each franchisee's election.

If you're in the Los Angeles area, I have two confirmed locations for you:

5310 W. Rosecrans Ave.
Hawthorne CA 90250

1203 Artesia Blvd.
Manhattan Beach CA 90266


  1. I was so excited to try this when I saw my McDonald's had it! The cake batter custard... amazing:)

  2. I accidentally got one of these today, as my order was screwed up. I tried and it and almost "vurped"!! NASTY!!

  3. I absolutely love these pies. I can't wait until this time every year to get one!!!!

  4. pie?? hmm sounds good i guess lol


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