Nov 29, 2010

Review: Wendy's - Natural-Cut Fries with Sea Salt

Wendy's recently replaced their French Fries with a newer, fancier version dubbed the "Natural-Cut Fries with Sea Salt." New features of the fries include a skin-on cut which is more aesthetics than anything, a new blend of frying oil, and most significantly, the addition of sea salt.

Pricing remains the same and I bought an order of value-sized Natural-Cut Fries with Sea Salt (a rather unwieldy name but I guess it plays up the sea salt aspect) for 99 cents.

My initial impression upon getting a gander at the new fries was that they looked a lot like the old fries but (maybe) slightly thinner and with small patches of potato skin at the tips.

Picking one up, I noticed that the fry were nice and crisp and I would guess the new fries are meant to be consistently crisp like the old ones were not (but only repeat visits will tell). The salt looked and felt the same.
As I bit into one, it was quite salty. Subsequent fries only reinforced the observation. Mostly, the fries aren't too different from Wendy's old fries in taste; they might be a little bit more potato-y and definitely more salty though. I couldn't tell the difference in the taste of the salt though I've noticed most products that feature sea salt tend to taste less salty and here it actually tastes more salty which I did not care for at all.

Texturally, every fry was uniformly crisp while retaining enough moisture inside remain soft. While McDonald's (when they're crisp) remains my favorite fry (it's the beef flavor!), Wendy's new Natural-Cut Fries are no slouch, but the saltiness is a real deal breaker for me.

I'll have to see if subsequent visits produce the same results before I write them off entirely though.

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Nutritional Info - Wendy's Natural-Cut French Fries with Sea Salt - Value Size
Calories - 220 (from Fat - 100)
Fat - 11g (Saturated Fat - 2g)
Sodium - 270mg
Carbs - 29g (Sugar - 0g)
Protein - 3g


  1. i hated wendys old fries.. anytime i got them they tasted completely saltless.. the new ones taste the same except with salt now.. However as you stated too salty. Ill stick to Mcdonalds fries!

  2. Well... as a few people have noted, the new version actually has something like 25% more sodium content, so the "tastes more salty" is probably on target.

  3. I miss the old fries, but totally agree with the salty comment. I literally stopped going to wendys for a period of 4 months because of the salt on the new fries...but then I was struck by an epiphany! I made up some crap story about not being able to eat salt and they made a fresh batch, salt free! Now I am can control the salt.

  4. the new french fries suck air. the hippie chick on the radio can have them all.

  5. I love how salty they are, I think in many ways they're better than the old fries, they taste just as good if not better. They're always hot and crispy the way fast food fries should be. And they taste just as good with ketchup as the old fries as well.

  6. The fries are horriable......I don't get fries there anymore!

  7. I no longer eat at Wendy's because of the new nasty fries.

  8. I guess I'm crazy, but I thought these were pretty good. They didn't even seem as salty as McD's fries. Maybe I got some random low salt batch?! It must have been, I swear they were fine with some ketchup. I put a bunch inside my burger, and it was great lol.

  9. I love their new fries! Judging by the posts on their wall, it seems the majority dislike them... which is weird. I've had them where they indeed taste too salty, but it was simply because they were over salted. When they're properly salted, they're wonderful. The old ones were always so soft and bland, the new ones are always nicely crisp. 

  10. Honestly, I think it varies from location to location. It shouldn't, but more often than not, it does.

  11. Oh definitely, and even from cook to cook. I got overly salted fries from a specific location twice. Decided to not go anymore, or at least for awhile (since it's the only close one), and thankfully they've been great since. 


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