Nov 30, 2010

News: Panera Bread - Holiday Seasonal Items 2010

Panera Bread has a pretty extensive line up of seasonal holiday items this year ranging from baked goods to chili:

New All Natural Steak Chili with Cornbread: "A hearty blend of slow-cooked tender brisket slices and ground beef with onions, green bell peppers, and kidney beans flavored with garlic, ancho chili powder, and red jalapenos in a rich tomato-based broth, topped with freshly baked sweet cornbread."

Nutritional Info - Panera Bread All Natural Steak Chili with Cornbread (448g)
Calories - 580 (from Fat - 240)
Fat - 26g (Saturated Fat - 8g)
Sodium - 1330mg
Carbs - 58g (Sugar - 19g)
Protein - 29g

Cinnamon Crumb Coffee Cake: "An old-fashioned butter cream coffee cake, swirled with cinnamon and finished with a butter crumb topping."

Nutritional Info - Panera Bread Cinnamon Crumb Coffee Cake (per serving - 120g)
Calories - 470 (from Fat - 230)
Fat - 25g (Saturated Fat - 9g)
Sodium - 310mg
Carbs - 54g (Sugar - 30g)
Protein - 6g

Cranberry Walnut Panettone: Sweet dough mixed with cream cheese, candied orange peel, cranberries and walnuts, then topped with Turbinado and powdered sugars. Available: 11/23-11/28, 12/10-12/24.

Nutritional Info - Panera Bread Cranberry Walnut Panettone (per serving - 56g)
Calories - 210 (from Fat - 90)
Fat - 10g (Saturated Fat - 4.5g)
Sodium - 240mg
Carbs - 28g (Sugar - 10g)
Protein - 5g
New French Toast Bagel Breakfast Sandwich: All-natural egg, a thick slice of Vermont white Cheddar, and all-natural sausage on a grilled French toast bagel.

Nutritional Info - Panera Bread French Toast Bagel Breakfast Sandwich (239g)
Calories - 660 (from Fat - 270)
Fat - 30g (Saturated Fat - 13g)
Sodium - 1190mg
Carbs - 69g (Sugar - 15g)
Protein - 27g
Gingerbread Men: Gingerbread men cookies with dried currants (eyes), chocolate candies (shirt buttons) and white icing piped on for decoration. Available: 11/17-12/24.

Nutritional Info - Panera Bread Gingerbread Man Cookie (82g)
Calories - 340 (from Fat - 90)
Fat - 10g (Saturated Fat - 5g)
Sodium - 160mg
Carbs - 59g (Sugar - 22g)
Protein - 4g
Holiday Bread: Sweet egg dough mixed with honey, golden raisins, whole cranberries and semi-sweet chocolate chips, then filled with chopped apples and cinnamon sugar, baked with crumb topping, and drizzled with icing. Available: 11/17-12/24.

Nutritional Info - Panera Bread Holiday Bread (per serving - 59g)
Calories - 150 (from Fat - 20)
Fat - 2g (Saturated Fat - 1g)
Sodium - 190mg
Carbs - 29g (Sugar - 12g)
Protein - 3g
New Mint Crinkle Cookie: Fudgy cookie made with dark chocolate chips, peppermint, and spearmint, dusted with powdered sugar.

Nutritional Info - Panera Bread Mint Crinkle Cookie (91g)
Calories - 430 (from Fat - 140)
Fat - 16g (Saturated Fat - 4g)
Sodium - 280mg
Carbs - 70g (Sugar - 44g)
Protein - 6g
Cranberry Walnut Bagel: Made with dried cranberries and walnuts.

Nutritional Info - Panera Bread Cranberry Walnut Bagel (116g)
Calories - 330 (from Fat - 45)
Fat - 5g (Saturated Fat - .5g)
Sodium - 510mg
Carbs - 62g (Sugar - 9g)
Protein - 10g

Gingerbread Bagel: Spiced with ginger, cinnamon,cloves & molasses.

Nutritional Info - Panera Bread Gingerbread Bagel (116g)
Calories - 350 (from Fat - 35)
Fat - 4g (Saturated Fat - 2g)
Sodium - 460mg
Carbs - 70g (Sugar - 17g)
Protein - 9g

New Holiday Petites: Half-dozen petite shortbread cookies with icing. Available 11/17-12/24

Nutritional Info Unavailable

New Peppermint Mocha: Espresso: Foamed, steamed milk & peppermint, with whipped cream & chocolate sauce

Nutritional Info - Panera Bread Peppermint Mocha Latte (15.25oz)
Calories - 520 (from Fat - 130)
Fat - 14g (Saturated Fat - 10g)
Sodium - 190mg
Carbs - 86g (Sugar - 69g)
Protein - 13g
Caffeine - 126mg

New Peppermint Hot Chocolate: Foamed, steamed milk, chocolate & peppermint with whipped cream & chocolate sauce

Nutritional Info - Panera Bread Peppermint Hot Chocolate (402g)
Calories - 610 (from Fat - 150)
Fat - 17g (Saturated Fat - 11g)
Sodium - 180mg
Carbs - 102g (Sugar - 83g)
Protein - 11g


  1. Don't forget that Panera has a Cranberry Walnut Bagel & Gingerbread Bagel!


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