Nov 11, 2010

News: Popeyes - Cajun Style Turkeys are Back

Popeyes Cajun Style Turkeys are back for those of you planning to order one to go with your Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.

Popeyes Cajun Style Turkeys weigh approximately 9 to 11 pounds and are seasoned with their blend of Louisiana seasonings and then flash-fried for a crispy coating. The turkey is then roasted so that it is crispy outside and juicy within. They carry a suggested retail price of $39.99.

They're only available once a year at participating restaurants through December, or until supplies last. You can check which Popeyes locations are carrying them online.

I've always been curious about these things which are up there with those BBQ joints that will smoke a whole turkey for you. It's just a bit pricey compared to buying and roasting your own turkey but maybe someday...

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