Dec 21, 2011

Feature: 2011 Fast Food Gift Card Bonuses

It's the final stretch in the run up to Christmas and if you haven't got all your presents lined up now, the old standby of gift cards is always available.

And, in the world of fast food there are a few intrepid chains offering a little something something for yourself if you pick up one of their gift cards for your friends/acquaintances this holiday season.

Apparently, according to the National Retail Federation, some 58% of shoppers say they'd like to receive a gift card this season. That number is actually quite close to the 59% of people the National Restaurant Association got from their survey that said they would like to receive a restaurant gift card.

I guess more people want gift cards than I would have thought (I prefer cash myself *wink wink*). I guess it's better than fruit cake...

Here they are (please keep in mind that for a lot of these offers you have to physically go to the restaurant to buy the gift card):

Arby's - free combo meal with purchase of $20 gift card (not advertised online so you'll want to call ahead to make sure your local restaurant is participating).

Ben & Jerry's - free scoop of ice cream when you spend $10 or more on gift cards.

Carl's Jr. - free Six Dollar Burger with purchase of $20 gift card.

Chipotle - buy $30 or more in gift cards at any Chipotle restaurant until 12/31/2011 and then bring your receipt on your next visit for a free burrito, bowl, order of tacos or salad (last day to redeem receipt is 1/31/2012).

Culver’s - free Double Deluxe Value Basket for every $25 in gift card purchases (offer expires 1/1/2012).

Hardee's - free 1/4 lb. Little Thickburger with purchase of $20 gift card.

Jamba Juice - free 16-ounce smoothie with the purchase of a $25 (or more) gift card (offer expires 1/3/2012).

Little Caesars - the value pizza chain is offering a free $5 gift card with the purchase of a $25 gift card.

Orange Julius - (at participating stores) free 12-ounce smoothie with the purchase of a $15 gift card.

Sonic - (limited participation) free $5 gift card with every $25 gift card purchase.

Subway - free Regular 6-inch Sub with the purchase of a $25 Subway card.

Taco Bell - free Chicken Flatbread Sandwich combo with purchase of $20 gift card (expires 12/25/11)


  1. If you feel confident the firm you are buying the gift card from buy a gift card for your own future use and receive the offered freebie given to the gift card buyer.

    Or, it IS possible that the specials offered throughout the year may be even better deals.

    Around these parts mailers miraculously appear in the shanty's mailbox every Wednesday and local food joints usually have an ad with coupons.

    The offerings vary and the firms making the offer typically space the offerings out. Burger King may appear every month or so then Taco Bell has a page of coupons with their insert, etc. etc.

    Buy one at the regular price and get the second one free.

    Those gift coupons are handy.

    Cousin got married. I knew the couple like McD so 20 bucks of their coupons in an envelope and wedding gift buying done.

    Never heard of any complaints going the fast-food gift card route.

    Either first or 2nd- or even 3rd-hand.

  2. Well, good news for me, thanks!


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