Dec 12, 2011

Review: Burger King - New Thicker Fries

Burger King's new Fries are thicker and don't appear to be as battered and crusty as their old fries.

I picked up a large order at my local BK restaurant for $2.09.

For $2.09, it doesn't seem like I get that much fries. Burger King's fry container taper outward into a squarish wide opening and it seems like it has to be filled pass the brim to really get a good amount of fries. As it stands, a McDonald's large order of fries is taller and seems to give more than Burger King's large for less ($1.89 in my area).

Besides shorting me on fries, the fries I received apparently spent some time sitting in the warmer and were warm rather than hot. Sadness right?

The fries are about the thickness of a No. 2 pencil making them the thickest fries out of the Big Three Burger chains. Texture-wise they remind me of Wendy's old fries but slightly thicker.
Because of the thickness, these fries have an enjoyable potato-y fluffiness inside but still retain a decent crisp crust from frying. Salt use was fairly moderate and balanced.

Seem my fries were warm going on cold, I found that they retained a slight crispness even after the fry cools.

Overall, Burger King's fries are a definite improvement over the old ones. I particularly liked the thickness which gives them a marked distinction over Wendy's and McDonald's as well as a more potato-y flavor and mouth feel. I still like a good batch of McDonald's fries better but I'd actually pick these up when dining at Burger King unlike the old ones.

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Nutritional Info - Burger King New Fries - Large (190g)
Calories - 500 (from Fat - 200)
Fat - 22g (Saturated Fat - 3.5g)
Sodium - 710mg
Carbs - 72g (Sugar - 0g)
Protein - 5g


  1. The new fries are too dry, as one comment said, they need Ketchup and I don't eat Ketchup on my fries all the time. Thinner fries will taste better most of the time unless they are exceptional, these are NOT.

  2. Hey obbop I used to work at McDonald's and I never considered myself a "droid" because I always took pride in my work and whatever the customer wanted I always made the effort to provide it for them.  Whether it was fries with no salt, fresh fries, easy on the salt, etc.  Instead of getting all bent out of shape I just did it and I did my best and that's all you can ask for.

    Fast food employees have a very difficult job for a low paying job and they're not perfect either.  As long as they're putting customers first and showing pride in their work then that's all they need to earn respect.

  3. I would guess that the average person who didn't like the old ones would like these much better. They are much closer to traditional fries.

    I actually think I'd be happier if they kept the old fries though. These ones really need ketchup, while I thought the other ones were nice and greasy by themselves.

    Incidentally, I feel pretty much the same about In-n-Out's fries, for whatever that's worth. I'm pretty sure I'm in the minority in both cases.

  4. Wow. Rude. As a BK employee, I resent your comment about being a brain dead droid. I, nor any of my fellow employees, make a big fuss about someone asking for fresh fries. Satirical or not, your post is obnoxious. Comments like your's are probably why you get bad service at fast food restaurants. And don't degrade drive thru workers either, can you take orders, pour drinks, assemble fries, bag sandwiches, make change, and deal with verbal abuse, all in under 45 seconds? For 8 to 10 hours straight? 

  5. Just a thought.  How slow would the lines go if every customer wanted his/her fries cooked to order, and how much higher would the prices be if the the restaurants got less customers do to slower lines? 

    Have you thought of that angle?

  6. Good points TJ.  I don't think I could do the job of a fast food drive thru attendant. 

    I know that must seem funny to some because such a job is often thought of as the bottom of the barrel entry level simple work, but think about it. 

    It must be very difficult to understand someone placing an order through the tinny sounding speakerbox.  Then the people rush through their orders, mislable or mispronounce menu items, make rediculous special requests, and expect perfection everytime.

  7. they got so weird to eat once they lost their temperature... so odd

  8. I like most of obbop's posts. Verbose yes, but there's some humor and a point. All of you need to drink more or something.

    I would say that I empathize with the "droids" though. I've worked in retail, it makes you want rude people to die. No, I didn't actually want to kill them myself, I just wanted them to go away and never come back. I consider myself a Christian, but working with the public for little money can suck the soul out of you.

    As long as they don't spit on my food or something, I appreciate most fast food workers. Talk about what must be a thankless, boring, and stressful job.

  9. Who forces thee to read my posts?

  10. I got some a couple of days ago. Ok, but waaaaayyyyy too salty.

  11. You can actually just ask them for a fresh batch as well. I was in a slight rush and didn't want to wait though =x

  12. You could just ask for no-salt fries to FORCE them to make it fresh.

  13.  Do you ever say anything intelligent?  Or do you just like to hear yourself yammer on?

  14. Cold to semi-warm fries.

    Politely ask for warmer or hot fries and the brain-dead droids who are oft-touted in commercials as eager to please the customer behave as if you are asking them to perform a near-Herculean task!!!

    Not as often an event with management present but that is not always an assurance you, the SUPPOSEDLY valuable customer, is worthy of the extremely minimal time, effort and cost required to make happy.

    Oh my gawd!!!!!!!! A customer wants hot fries for his expenditure!!!! He must be a terrorist!!!!!! Obviously unAmerican and may be a .... a.... TERRORIST!!!!!!!!!

    Okay, maybe a slight exaggeration.

    I recommend only asking for fries worthy of the very high price demanded when at the counter.

    At the drive-through it is too easy for a droid to, well, do a no-no in retaliation for a legitimate request. Though the odds of "retaliation" are slight they do exist.

    When I notice obviously older, tired, fries piled in the "warm-holding" bin I have, at times, asked for fresh fries.

    Usually the task is done without complaint but the lazier non-customer-oriented droids have griped and groaned or conveyed their dissatisfaction in non-verbal ways.

    Female droids have a tendency to bounce and bang the implements creating excess, unneeded NOISE.

    I feel sorry for the male who marries such a gal.

  15. I love BK's new fries.  I love how thick and crispy they are and they're full of a lot of flavor.  The difference between these fries and the old fries are like night and day.  When they improved on these BK really outdid themselves.


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