Dec 17, 2011

News: Jack in the Box - Burger Upgrade

According to NRN, Jack in the Box has gone ahead and upgraded their burgers with new reformulated patties, improved buns, and new saucing procedures.

According to a Jack in the Box spokeperson, the new patties are tastier, juicier, and have a better texture (Having eaten one recently, I really can't tell the difference but it's not like I had an old one to compare).

To make sure you know about it, Jack is advertising his "Better Burgers" highlighting the fact that they are "100% Beef" and "seasoned while it cooks."


  1. No, it doesn't say that they weren't... I just thought that in terms of marketing it was a poor choice of words to emphasize that the "new" burgers are "100% beef"... makes it sound like they're admitting that they weren't before.

    I actually never thought JITB was that bad as far as fast food goes... there are better options out there, sure, but there are far worse ones too (Burger King, I'm looking at you).

  2. Does it actually say that they weren't 100% beef before? I think it's mostly marketing. I wouldn't trust that it's 100% beef now, or before. I bet it's at least 90% beef though... good enough for me and my low standards.

    I didn't think their burgers were that bad before, for relatively cheap fast food. I wouldn't turn down a Jumbo Jack or a Sourdough Jack at least. At my local JITB, the Jumbo Jack is under 2 bucks... nice competition to the overpriced Whopper which is over $3.

  3. "Now with 100% beef!"

    (So what was it before...?)

  4. "The new burger patties are tastier, juicier and have a better texture"

    Or, in other words, our previous burger ingredients were sub-par."

    Bwa hah hah hah!!!!

    Buy whatever is cheapest to maximize revenues!!!

    Poke around the Web and look at your town.

    Ample news stories about sagging sales, etc.

    However, where are the news stories directly relating fast-food joints directly to increasing poverty in the USA.

    I see/read more of those story-types attached to the increasing woes of non-fast-food joints.

    Could that possibly be due to the amount of ads bought by fast-food firms in comparison to non-fast-food joints?

    I do not know.

    I do see an entire industry reeling; less money among the masses.

    More folks eating within their shanties.

    Prices across the board increasing in general with a few exceptions.

    Wages stagnant or even declining.

    The lower classes upon the socio-economic hierarchy harmed the most.

    So MANY other things I am omitting but Web searches can be VERY revealing about economics, society and the interactions with fast-foods, grocery prices and other aspects of vittles eatin'.

  5. sorry jack, but that seasoning on the burgers is terrible!now the only thing i go into your stores are the breakfast items.


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