Dec 2, 2011

News: Burger King - New Fries and "Free Fries Friday"

Last changed in 1998, Burger King once again returned to the drawing board and will be out with new French fries nationwide starting Monday, December 5th, 2011.

The new fries feature a thicker cut that's purported to give the fries a more fluffy, more potato-y within while remaining crisp without.

To promote the new fries, Burger King will be giving out free value sized (normally $1) orders of their new French fries on Friday, December 16th dubbing the day "Free Fries Friday."

The outgoing, old fries were unveiled in 1998 and featured a light batter that helped the fries remain hotter and crisper.

is Caring


  1. It's not every friday, man, just last week

  2. I may be going to BK every Friday just for the free fries.  I love them, the difference between the new and old fries are like night and day.  I always thought BK was good but now it will be harder than ever to choose between BK and McDonald's.

  3. i love the new fries!! a lot thicker, potatoey, and very well seasoned! the old fries, in my opinion, was already ahead of their competitors so this one took like even further

  4. I did too, although I can see why others might not. It's a different taste, much less potato flavor I'd say. This is fast food though... I never hated them.

    I think it's a good move to give these away for free, can't hurt to have a taste. This is the type of thing that most people in my town probably won't even be aware of, more free fries for me I guess.

  5. I for one, liked the old ones.

  6. if they still have that burger king fry taste i will be passing on them

  7. Or, viewed another way, BK tossed sub-par fries at the masses for 13 years.

  8. I work at Burger King, we got them early here in Alabama and they taste pretty good. (I like them better well done and crispy)


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