Dec 24, 2011

Feature: KFC Christmas World Wide

Here in the States, KFC is pretty business as usual around Christmas.

But in some other countries, the Colonel offers a little something extra for the holidays.

From festive buckets to seasonal items, I plumbed many KFC websites from all over the wourld and came up with this short list of KFC Christmas family meals for your perusal.

They range from pretty normal to extra fancy and I've ordered them to reflect that. Starting with most normal:

1. U.S.A.
Nothing really festive this year here in the U.S. Just the typical KFC meal. I think they want you to buy their gift certificates (people still use those? I thought it was all cards now?) to give as presents.

2. Canada
Our neighbors up north get slightly more festive with a "Festive feast." From all the different KFC websites I've gone through, mashed potatoes seems to be mostly an American thing with fries or wedges being the potato of choice in other countries. It's still the typical KFC family meal but they have German chocolate cupcakes!

3. Trinidad and Tobago
Yes, I actually checked out KFC Trinidad and Tobago. No decorative buckets yet but they do get 2 flagons of Peardrax which according to the Internet is a popular pear flavored soda in Trinidad and Tobago. Flagons!

4. Germany
Ah! Here is the festive bucket! Dubbed the "Winter Bucket" it looks like a Variety Bucket with chili cheese fries and coleslaw for sides.

5. The Philippines
As we start moving towards Eastern countries without as long a tradition of Christmas, KFC seems to have a better hold on the holiday feast. Of course, there's rice. There's also a holiday bucket and for dessert: KFC Spoonfuls which seem a bit fancier and with greater variety than our parfaits here. Still, fairly standard. Until we get to Taiwan...

6. Taiwan
Like Japan (which I wrote about last year), you gotta reserve and pre-order to get a fancy Christmas meal from KFC in Taiwan. The whole roasted chicken is actually part of the standard KFC Taiwan menu as are the egg tarts. No so much the barbecued ribs, sausages, pastas, salads and cheesecake.

7. Hong Kong
Last we have Hong Kong where they have the same kind of deal as Taiwan: pre-order and reserve except with even more options. To feed 8 or more people, KFC Hong Kong has:
- fried chicken (duh! four varieties though: Original, Hot & Spicy, Flava Crava, and BBQ Honey Wings)
- three varieties of Wings (Standard Hot, Seaweed, and Cheesy Tomato Hot)
- crispy shrimp and cheesy rolls (fried mozzarella I'm guessing)
- mushroom rice
-chicken a la king over rice
- Hot Shots (spicy popcorn chicken it looks like)
- mashed potatoes and gravy
- corn on the cob
- egg tarts
- brownies

So there you go. KFC Christmas; especially fancy in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Oh, and Japan of course.


  1. You're talking about the chicken barn... over on mc'henry! Yeah, its a ok..jui but sometimes its gives off a sketchy vibe. But, ill second that.. they have juicy birds!

  2. Anybody present ever eat the Foster Farms chicken joint offerings in California?

    Before departing pert-near 20 years ago their Modesto, CA outlet had the yummiest BIGGEST hunks of fried chicken around.

    KFC paled in comparison in piece size and, in my opinion, chicken quality and taste.

    Foster Farms was also a chicken supplier so I suppose they could grab and pluck the best of the flock for their own use.


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