Dec 6, 2011

News: Dairy Queen - December Blizzard of the Month - Candy Cane Chill

Dairy Queen hits us with a Christmas-themed Blizzard this December: the Candy Cane Chill Blizzard.

The Candy Cane Chill Blizzard is pretty simple; just a pieces of peppermint candy cane and chocolate mixed with their standard vanilla soft serve. Sort of like peppermint bark I guess?

As always, you can also get the Blizzard of the Month as an ice cream cake and it will only be available through the month of December.

Nutritional Info - Dairy Queen Candy Cane Chill Blizzard - small (314g)
Calories - 620 (from Fat - 180)
Fat - 20g (Saturated Fat - 14g)
Sodium - 190mg
Carbs - 97g (Sugar - 78g)
Protein - 12g

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