Dec 27, 2011

News: Jack in the Box - Jumbo Deal for $4.29

Jack in the Box's latest limited-time value meal promotion, the Jumbo Deal, features a Jumbo Jack, two tacos, a small order of fries and a 20-ounce drink for $4.29.

They've run this deal in the past for $3.99 but with rising food costs and what not, it looks like $4.29 might be their new price point for these type of promotions.

The promotion is supported by a TV commercial wherein Jack tries to pitch his team a promotion idea and commercial for the combo to sell it as the "Jumbaco," the word being a blend of "Jumbo Jack" and "taco."

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  1. Fries were twice as bad since I upgraded the size. I can't compare them since I usually don't get fries.

    Tacos had meat? I thought that was refried beans, with a smattering of chopped lettuce.

    Jumbo Jack was nowhere near the last whopper I had which was over five years ago since they moved from this area. Decent? Couldn't give it that high a grade.

    If I had paid $1.99 for this deal I'd still be disappointed.

    They may not miss my business but then I won't miss them either. :)

    I'm just glad I can vent - makes me feel I'm getting something for my money.

  2. Weirdest thing about your comment to me is the fries... I've never had an issue with them, maybe it depends from franchise to franchise. I'm not saying they're amazing, but they are generally average and hot in my experience.

    As for the tacos, yea they're rather... cheap? It is mainly tortilla, usually with just a little cheese, a little salsa, and a decent amount of "meat". At the price point, 2 for a dollar, they generally meet expectations for me.

    The Jumbo Jack for me is the standard Whopper-type sandwich. Yea it doesn't look like the picture. Neither does a whopper. Neither does a big and tasty at McD's, or whatever deluxe burger Wendy's is pushing. But I've always found them to be decent, taste wise.

    Bottom line... it's a lot of cheap food. You can pay about the same for 1 premium sandwich at the major chains. You get what you pay for. I'm sure they'll terribly miss your business ;)

  3. Actually the Mira Mesa area of San Diego. The more I think of what that $5 will buy at other places the more I'm sure I won't go back to Jack for a very long time.

  4. Just got one of these - what a rip-off. It was NOTHING like the picture! The tacos were not much more than a folded tortilla - really, about a half inch thick, had no cheese, very little else, and rather bland taste. Fries were cold, well cool, and soggy. The burger was a real disappointment. The patty was nowhere near the size they show pictured and it look like it had been sitting around for awhile. To be fair, I did go there at two in the afternoon, but still, there was no resemblance to the picture of that meal than the Coke. BIG thumbs down. Oh, and this was in the San Diego area of California.

  5. I had this today, it was alright panda is better lol!

  6. Hey!!!!!!!!  No Jack-in-the-Box around this area.

    In my "old days" in California where Jack was everywhere their shakes were BIG and inexpensive and the tacos pretty good for the price.

    Are the tacos still satisfying?

  7. Here the prices are similar to what TJ reported, so it's a slight deal where I live. Where are you that small fries and a Jumbo Jack is still "a little over $1", out of curiosity?

  8. This seems like a good deal to me.  I wish we had Jack in the Box in FL.  I love the Jumbaco commercial on their website!!!

  9. I guess it depends on the location, but here the Jumbo Jack is almost $2, maybe $1.79. I think the small fries and drink are each closer to $1.50 too... I'd guess $1.39 or $1.29, but I'm not sure.

    It's not an amazing deal, but basically between what you would pay individually for all of this, you're getting a couple free tacos. So it works if you want something like a Jumbo Jack meal in the first place. Compare that to what they're charging for at BK for a Whopper meal, and it's not too bad.

  10. Seems like a not so good deal. 2 tacos are 99 cents. Small fries are a little over $1. A Jumbo Jack is a little over $1. Where's the value?

  11. Yep... I miss the visits when they were everywhere in California.

  12. I'd kill for a Jack in the Box 'round here.

  13. Dollar menu items lol. You're not saving any money

  14. Other than the tacos, most of the items here are closer to $2, so you are saving a little money, at least where I'm at.

  15. I just had this meal, it really hit the spot.


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