Dec 22, 2011

Review: Sonic - Bacon Cheddar Toaster Melt

Sonic's Bacon Cheddar Toaster Melt is a limited-time offering featuring a beef patty, grilled diced onions, bacon, cheddar cheese, pickles and hickory barbecue sauce sandwiched between two slices of Texas toast.

It's $1.99 for a junior size or $3.39 for the 1/4 pound version.

Worried that the junior size might come with the same size toast, I opted for the quarter pound version.

The Bacon Cheddar Melt is a pretty simplistic affair and I felt it benefited from that simplicity. Mines inexplicably came without pickles but I didn't mind it.
Popping the toast back to glance inside, I noticed only one slice of bacon! Sadness! Thankfully, it was fairly wide and carried a substantial and rather satisfying crispness.

The cheddar cheese was completely melted but mild. Still, melted cheese is nice. I could have used a bit more though.
The hickory barbecue sauce was used sparingly and some might say miserly but I tasted barbecue in every bite without any saucy mess.

The onions didn't look like much but they had a nice pop when I bit into them and a slight caramelized sweetness. Usually grilled onions are under- or over-cooked but these were done right.

The Texas toast is a nice change from the typical burger bun. I would say a somewhat crisp crust with a decently soft crumb but a little thick on the edges.
Sonic does their patties on the thin and wide side which I tend to find a little too thin and this occasion wasn't any different. It wasn't dry but it wasn't juicy either. Still, I had just an adequate amount of beef in every bite.

Overall, the Bacon Cheddar Toaster Melt was good stuff. It's one of the better burgers I've had at Sonic and does a good job while keeping it basic.

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Nutritional Info - Sonic Bacon Cheddar Toaster Melt 1/4lb (244g)
Calories - 780 (from Fat - 460)
Fat - 51g (Saturated Fat - 19g)
Sodium - 1370mg
Carbs - 43g (Sugar - 10g)
Protein - 37g

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