Jan 24, 2016

Fast Food Hack: McDonald's Sausage Hash Brown Sandwich

I decided late one night that making a sausage sandwich with hash brown "buns" at McDonald's would be a good idea...

You don't have to buy a Sausage McMuffin but you do have to ask for just a sausage patty as well as a hash brown. At my local McDonalds, the sausage alone goes for 89 cents, while a hash brown is $1.19 (yup, the meat costs less than the leftover potato trimmings).

First, I tried just breaking a single hash brown apart into two halves and then placing the sausage in between them. While this offered plenty of greasy crunch as well as a really good fit width-wise, doubling up on the potatoes overwhelmed the seasoned meat. If you're going to go this route, I recommend dual sausage patties.

My preferred approach is what I'm going to call "The Pork Surfer" (because it looks like a sausage on a potato surfboard). You just put the sausage on the hash brown and get the ideal pork-to-potato ratio. Behold!

Interesting, the sausage was less greasy than the hash brown so maybe I should have just folded it around the hash brown like a taco shell.

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