Jan 21, 2016

McDonald's Italy Serves Up American-Inspired Burgers with Star-Shaped Buns

The "Great Tastes of America" menu is back at McDonald's Italy and this time around, each of its featured burgers comes on a star-shaped bun.

There are actually three different star-shaped buns in all: a plain one, one looks to be a corn meal-dusted one, and a sesame seed one.

The buns are featured on five different burgers that are being released on a schedule. The New York-inspired Empire Classic just ended its run and the Arizona-inspired Route 66 Smoky Bacon is currently offered. Still to come are the Texas-inspired Ranch BBQ, the Los Angeles-inspired Hollywood Supreme, and the Miami-inspired Ocean Drive Special.

Beyond the bun, the burgers themselves are fairly tame; all come with a combination of bacon, a beef patty, and lettuce with various cheeses and sauces to set them apart.

Also included on the menu is a crispy chicken sandwich (also on star-shaped bun with cheese, lettuce, bacon, and sauce), a lobster roll, breaded crawfish, chicken wings, and the Choco Peanuts McFlurry.

The chicken sandwich is attributed to Colorado, while the lobster roll comes inspired by Maine. It also looks like you can get a Budweiser beer if the picture is any indication.

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