Jan 19, 2016

Kellogg's Launches Three New Pop-Tarts Flavors Including Maple Bacon

Kellogg's kicks off the new year with three new Pop-Tarts flavors including sweet and savory Maple Bacon.

The new, limited-edition flavor is a regular Pop-Tart pastry shell with a maple and bacon filling, finished with white frosting and sprinkled with crunchy, bacon-flavored bits.

The other two new flavors are Chocolatey Caramel and Watermelon. Chocolatey Caramel is a permanent addition, while Watermelon is available for a limited time only.

Chocolatey Caramel consists of caramel filling in a chocolate crust topped with chocolatey frosting and brown icing.

Watermelon features a plain pastry shell with a watermelon-flavored filling topped with pink frosting and light green icing.

The new flavors come in 14.1-oz boxes with 8 toaster pastries per box.

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