Jan 3, 2016

The 5 Most Disappointing Fast Food Items of 2015

I already wrote about the ten best fast food items of 2015, but what about the worst? I went through last year's reviews and picked the five most disappointing fast food items in 2015.

For one reason or another, the following items just weren't working for me and here's why:

- Arby's Brown Sugar BLT - Too much sugar. For the most part, Arby's made a really nice BLT and then ruined it by putting enough sugar to make it a dessert. I guess they really wanted you to taste the brown sugar.

- Del Taco's Bacon Chipotle Fries - I really did not like their particular chipotle sauce as the main attraction.

- Burger King's Teriyaki Original Chicken Sandwich - Way too much salty teriyaki sauce! Why is the mayo even there?

- Papa John's Bruschetta Cheesesticks - These somehow didn't taste like bruschetta nor cheesesticks...

- Green Burrito / Red Burrito's Barbecue Brisket Nachos - The barbecue overpowered the cheese to the point where it didn't feel like nachos anymore.

I didn't add this to the list because they only offered it here in California, but I wanted to mention it:

- Subway's Autumn Roasted Chicken Sub - Rather than diced or thinly-sliced apples, the sub came with snack-sized apples slices from a bag.

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