Jan 26, 2016

Paleo Dieters Can Now Get Their Bone Broth From a Coffee Brewer

A company called Lonolife recently introduced two varieties of bone broth that can be brewed in a Keurig machine (best known for brewing up coffee in a convenient single-serve cup).

The broth, which is packaged in a single-serve recyclable K-Cup, brewed up in about 30 seconds and looks to be aimed at Paleo dieters. Each serving includes 8 to 10 grams of protein and is low-carb as well as MSG- and gluten-free. Lonolife touts that the broths are made from roasted bones, fresh vegetables, and herbs (there's also chicory root thrown in there for fiber according to the ingredients; just enough for 0 net carbs actually).

The company's website sells two bone broth varieties, Chicken and Beef, in packs of 10 single-serve K-Cups for $19.99.

The move isn't unprecedented as Campbell currently offers two more mainstream soups for the Keurig machine.

Image via Lonolife.

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