Jan 23, 2016

McDonald's Australia Selling Big Mac Sauce by the Bottle

In a follow-up to last year's sale of dipping cups and limited edition bottles of Big Mac Special Sauce, McDonald's Australia today adds 500ml bottles of the sauce to the menu for a limited run.

This time around the bottles are better stocked and much more affordable. McDonald's is offering the 4,000 bottles of the iconic sauce in 40 restaurants around Australia, while supplies last.

The price tag on the bottles is $4.95 US (compared to a bid of over $18,000 for one of the limited-edition bottles last year). Still, with only 4,000 bottles to go around, they're likely to run out fast.

McDonald's Big Mac Special Sauce has long been known as their own take on Thousand Island. While it's nice to have a bottle, they did reveal how to make some fresh (and without the preservatives needed for shelf-stability) at home a short while back.

Photos via McDonald's.

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