Jan 14, 2016

Hostess' 2016 Valentine's Line Up Includes Chocolate-Covered Strawberry CupCakes

Hostess goes big for Valentine's Day this year with five limited-time snack-sized desserts including new Chocolate Covered Strawberry CupCakes.

The new cupcakes features pink strawberry cupcakes with creme filling, decorated with chocolaty frosting and a pink squiggle.

The other four items include:

-Red Velvet Donettes - Glazed red velvet mini donuts

- I Heart U Cakes - Heart-shaped chocolate cakes with a vanilla creme filling with a chocolaty coating.

- Pink SnoBalls - A creme-filled chocolate cake covered in marshmallow and pink shaved coconut topping (basically regular SnoBalls but pink rather than white).

- Dark Chocolate Covered Raspberry CupCakes - These are only available at Target and are like the Chocolate Covered Strawberry ones except with a raspberry-flavored cake.

Hostess' Valentine's Day line up is available at grocery stores nationwide through the end of February 2016.

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