Dec 7, 2016

7-Eleven Introduces New Double Cheeseburger and Brookie

7-Eleven's wintry slate includes the new Double Cheeseburger and Brookie.

They're also offering a few deals as well as local Slurpee flavors at participating locations.

The new Double Cheeseburger features a half-pound of beef and two slices of American cheese for $3.49. It's basically their Classic Cheeseburger (which goes for $1.99) with an extra beef patty and slice of cheese.

The Brookie is a hybrid square of both brownie and chocolate chip cookie for $1.29.

On the deal side of things, the convenience store chain is offering any size of coffee plus a muffin for $2. They're also selling a large pizza for $5 a piece.

Local Slurpee flavors vary with location but include:

- Eureka! Blackberry Lime in California
- Cactus Cooler in Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico
- Canada Dry Cranberry in the Northeast
- Manzanita Sol in Texas
- Slurpee Is For Lovers in Virginia
- Vernors Boston Cooler in Detroit and Flint, Michigan
- Buffalo Loganberry in Buffalo, New York
- Candy Apple in Colorado, St. Louis (Missouri), and Chicago (Illinois)
- Crazy Citrus in North Carolina, South Carolina, and West Virginia
- Doc Brown's Black Cherry in New York City and Long Island
- Jones Soda Orange Creme in Washington and Oregon
- Strawberry Mojito in Florida
- Utah Blackberry Lime in Utah

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