Dec 1, 2016

McDonald's Canada's 2016 Holiday Menu Includes a Potato and Bacon Burger Plus Waffle Fries

While we're left just Peppermint Mocha for Christmas from McDonald's, up north in Canada, the fast food chain is offering a holiday menu that includes a new burger topped with a hash brown patty and bacon as well as waffle-cut fries.

Here's what you'll find at McDonald's Canada this winter:

- Potato Rosti & Bacon Burger - A beef patty, bacon pieces, potato rosti (hash brown patty), processed cheddar cheese, and cheese sauce on a toasted, rolled-oat-topped bun.

- Waffle Cut Fries - Lightly-battered waffle-cut French fries.

- Turtles Sundae with Pecans - Vanilla soft serve with hot fudge sauce topped with mini caramel Turtles candies and a chocolate and caramel drizzle.

Additionally, they're also serving the Peppermint Mocha (but theirs is served with crushed candy cane), Double Chocolate Pies, and new Salted Caramel Latte for the holidays.