Dec 10, 2016

McDonald's Serving Tater Tots with Big Mac Sauce in Australia

McDonald's is serving tater tots with Big Mac Special Sauce for dipping as part of a new Summer Sides Box in Australia (where it's currently summer being in the Southern hemisphere and all).

The limited-time shareable snack box includes 18 Hash Brown Bites (AKA tater tots), eight Chicken McNuggets, 12 Chicken McBites, and three sauces, including the Big Mac Special Sauce.

The sides and accompanying sauces come in a box with four compartments: one for each side plus one for the sauces.

They're also currently offering fries topped with sweet chili sauce and sour cream, which is the latest in their line of Loaded Fries (Gravy Loaded Fries are also currently available).

Photos via McDonald's Australia.

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