Dec 1, 2016

Barbacoa Returns to El Pollo Loco

Beef Barbacoa finds its way back onto the El Pollo Loco menu for a limited time.

The braised meat is seasoned with crushed tomatoes, onions, garlic, and spices. It's available in four menu items:

- Beef Barbacoa Burrito - Beef barbacoa, avocado slices, Monterey Jack cheese, rice, pinto beans, shredded cabbage, pico de gall, and creamy cilantro dressing wrapped up in a large flour tortilla.

- Beef Barbacoa Quesadilla - Beef barbacoa, sliced avocado, sour cream, melted Monterey jack cheese, cabbage, onions and cilantro folded up in a flour tortilla and grilled.

- Beef Barbacoa Tacos - Beef barbacoa, sliced avocado, cotija cheese, shredded cabbage, pico de gallo salsa, and cilantro in a folded soft corn and flour blend tortilla.

- Beef Barbacoa Torta - Beef barbacoa, avocado, Monterey Jack cheese, pinto beans, shredded cabbage, pico de gallo salsa, and creamy cilantro dressing on a soft telera roll.

The company is also serving Chicken Corn Chowder and Deluxe Chicken Tortilla Soup for the cold, winter months.

Photo via El Pollo Loco.

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