Dec 8, 2016

Burger King's Ugly Christmas Sweater Can Turn You into a Walking Virtual Fireplace

Burger King gets into the ugly Christmas sweater this holiday season but with a twist, and only in France. The burger chain is offering a number of ugly Christmas sweaters, each with a fireplace that can be "lit" with your smartphone.

The way it works is there's a pocket surrounded by a fireplace graphic in the front of each sweater where you can slide your phone in (with a video of a yule log burning of course!). Being that they are Burger King sweaters, each also includes a graphic of a burger as well as the words, "flame grilled."

According to Ad Age, Burger King partnered with a "French hipster apparel portal,", to produce and sell the sweaters. You can find them online here for 29.90 euros (~$31.75).

Here's a video of the ugly Christmas sweaters in action:

Photo via Burger King France.

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