Dec 13, 2016

Christmas Donuts at Dunkin' Donuts Korea Include a White Reindeer and a Brown Snowman

Dunkin' Donuts Korea might have gotten their wires crossed a little this Christmas season as instead of offering the more traditional brown reindeer and white snowman donuts, they're selling white reindeer and brown snowman donuts.

They have an explanation for each of the donuts though: The white reindeer donut is basically the "Rudolph on a Snowy Day" donut, while the brown snowman donut is a "Snowman fell into chocolate."

The reindeer donut comes with a strawberry filling, while the snowman donut is filled with Bavarian cream.

While the Korean donuts may be a little bit non-traditional, Dunkin' isn't frying up any such shaped donuts here in the States this holiday season.

Photo via Dunkin' Donuts Korea.

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